and you thought soccer was gay…

Every sport has its moments, I guess. 🙂 I may never look at a wrestling match the same way again. I bet there is a cool name for that ‘underwear submission hold’.


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  1. bulhaa on

    haha! this is priceless!

  2. penny on

    i always knew wrestling was gay. I kept telling my bro that every time he watches a match. All those men wrestling each other in there underwear….

  3. bandey on

    im trying to understand the logic in the last picture.. i just cant comprehend… how.. wa..whyy??? HOW?????

  4. Hilath Rasheed on

    Baibala, football, rugby, wrestling, I thought it was obvious that they were gay sports. I mean, these kind of sports, in a coy sort of manner, “legally” and without letting anyone raise their eyebrows, allow men to physically touch other men.
    You don’t have to always make a psychoanalysis to “get” these issues dho. But still people disagree with me over this. For instance, some women still disagree with me that Karan Johar’s “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” is a gay drama that works on subconscious level.

  5. azmyst on

    heheh still on that KKHH thing are we? heheh… Thing is, I think that most (maybe even all) Hindhi movies exactly what is portrayed on screen without any deeper meaning or hidden messages to it. Of course, anything is open to interpretation and analysis from those who are seeking deeper meanings in them but I don’t think so. Hindhi movies are even shallower than I am. Which is why the your theory doesn’t work for me. Compared to your theory on KKHH, your interpretation of why “Jaws” works might be a bit more understandable.

  6. Hilath Rasheed on

    Ey Azmyst! Hindi films may be “superficial” but director Karan Johar is not! I think he actually is quite an intelligent person. See the documentary “The Inner and Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan” (which is available on DVD) and it will be obvious that Johar is very much in love with Shah Rukh and that Shah Rukh actually knows it but doesn’t want to acknowledge it because gay love will destroy his superstar image among his South Asian and Muslim fans.

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