Two Presidential Bats and Answers

I really do think some of these more fancy looking Dhivehi letters need to be changed for clarity. I read the title of the Presidential Q&A ‘debate’ as “Riyaasee Dhe Vaalaai Jawaab”. I wonder if anyone bothered to check if one of the two bats was hanging to the underside of the vacant seat next to Anni.


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  1. Azmyst on

    hehehe… never noticed that but now that you mentioned it, it does look like it’s 2 and not ‘seenu’. Maybe you’re just out of practice reading Dhivehi.

  2. mode on

    holy cow! it does look like a 2 presidential bats. anyway i always thought them as overgrown bats!!

  3. bandey on

    i see that you are an observer… good eye

  4. replicaofmyvirtuallife on

    My dhivehi is fine. Unlike someone who can’t even read what he has written in Dhivehi 😀 Seriously, I’ve improved quiet a bit at writing and reading Dhivehi.

    Thank you.

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