Seducing the Hypocrite

It’s not pretty, but someone has to do it. Might as well as be me.

So it’s going to happen tomorrow night. Two weeks of discussions and I’ve finally managed to corner him into a private meeting. Tomorrow night I’m gonna see just how strong this bearded ones faith in his religion is and whether he actually believes in most of the crap he copy/pastes on MSN chat. I’m betting this will be a case of the little head leading the big fucking-empty head.

The fact that he has actually agreed to meet me (a ‘hiley anheneh’) privately is proof enough for me that this guy, who keeps sprouting scripture about the evils of ‘women going around half-dressed and uncovered’ every fucking chance he gets, is as full of shit as his child-molesting brethren are. Hypocrites, the whole fucking lot of them bearded bastards!

For those who are wondering, this is how it started:

I got an email from this guy who called himself “Salaam”. It wasn’t actually an email, more like spam with translated verses from the Quran; you know the kind of stuff that Haabees diligently post as comments on some blogs. At first it was amusing, but when he wouldn’t stop I emailed him back asking him to fucking stop parroting stuff and talk to me. I had thought that would be the end of it but turns out this beardy wasn’t all hair after all, he had balls too. Unshaved most likely, but definitely there.

So we emailed back and forth and eventually I got fed up listening to his high-horse crap and decided to put to the test if he really was as pious and righteous as he was pretending to be. That’s when I asked for a meeting. A private one at my place so that we could “more openly discuss and debate the religious issues regarding equal rights for women, paedophiles” and other things we had argued about in emails without distractions. As I expected, he agreed. Very, very quickly.

If by the end of tomorrow night he can keep his hands off me and his cock inside his pyjamas, he’s either gay or an eunuch. Now where is my black, lace panties and mini-skirt?

Oh and if you are reading this you know what’s in store for you tomorrow night. I know you read the blogs on MvBlogs religiously, so come prepared 😉

And yeah, dear readers, you’d better believe there WILL be a Part 2 for this, by gum! Place your bets.


16 comments so far

  1. SoE on

    this is..interesting. Waiting to hear part2 🙂

  2. yaamyn on

    Keep your pet goat hidden. That’s all I say. :p

  3. Hilath Rasheed on

    Do you think you might need help? If so, we can make a stakeout and keep ourselves hidden within hearing distance. Or better, you can ask the Shadowrunner to let you borrow a bazooka which you can take just in case it might be needed to blow away his balls!

  4. anonymous on

    Get it on bitch fuck that long beaded basted to haven.
    Oh you filthy whore

  5. Shihana on

    LOL! Yeah, the less competition the better.

    I won’t need a bazooka to blow him, trust me on this.

    Oh so cute. I love it when you talk dirty to me, beardie.

  6. penny on

    very curious now….

  7. AzMyst on

    What the heck are you getting yourself into? Some of these extremists are really dangerous. They wouldn’t blink twice about beheading you in the name of religion if they consider you hell-fodder. I’m sure you can take care of yourself but this is suicidal.

    Worries aside, I can’t wait to hear what happens :D. Doubt anyone will take you up on that bet though. I’m sure any fundie worth his salt will have a good religious loophole already setup just for occasions like these.

  8. Iya on

    Its been a while since you’ve been gone. glad you have not been idle. i love these kinds of experiments. do let us know how it turns out. the sooner the better.

  9. DarkCasanova on

    ahh well shadowrunner will definetly want the results of this “sedcutive experiment”.. ur quite a fiesty one aint ya?

  10. Shihana on

    You’re worrying too much as usual, dear.

    Not too soon, I hope. That would be…. disappointing.

    It’s hardly an experiment if you already know what the result will be. hmrrrrrrr I like that word.. ‘fiesty’ but…. no, that’s not me.

  11. mode on

    why not block him in msn? there are email filters available hotmail too. why so much fuss??? 😛

  12. bandey on

    hurry up with the sequel, its been 5days now..

  13. Shihana on

    You just don’t see the point do you? There’s always someone who completely misses the point. Where’s the fun in blocking someone?

    Hold on to your horses… haven’t reached the climax yet. 🙂 Will update when I’ve been satisfied.

  14. jinni on

    Perhaps the haabee in question turned out to be really good in bed.

  15. Mike Abraham on

    cant wait to hear part 2.. :)lolx.. jst dont be his catch in the end.. 🙂

  16. Shadow Runner on

    Hmm, not exactly. I’d rather trail them, and find a good opening, and when the beardie is busy mentally undressing her, put an explosive bullet in his head from the distance.

    I like sniper tactics.

    A bazooka is a risky option – The splash damage could hurt the writer, and I don’t want collateral damage in this kind of situation.

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