It Is, Whoever You Say It Is

Holy hounded hooraleens in a harem, will you take a look at the crapload of comments on Shadowrunner’s blog?!?

Number of comments aside, after wading through the shitstorm of comments I realised that some commentators had missed Shadowrunner’s point and just taken offence at the very idea that he had DARED to draw some doodles and refer to it as the Prophet. I mean, come on, seriously. Even he admits it was ‘crappy stickfigure art’. Just because he says it was a certain someone, doesn’t make it so, right? 🙂 Not unless you really want it to be. Maybe you just want to get the ol’ blood boiling and see what you look like with that huge big nerve on your forehead throbbing like… like.. hmm throbbing, hard like… ummmm what? Wait, I got sidetracked. Where was I?

Soooo… like, despite what many seem to believe, drawing the likeness of the Prophet isn’t something new. It’s been done for ages and often times by Muslims themselves. And some of the art is really breathtaking in beauty and style. Take a look at some here. Someone told me that one of the paintings is actually shown on TVM during ‘bangi’ time. Gasp! Blasphemy! TVM should be burned to the ground. And not necessarily because they show the painting but you know, just coz they are TVM.

Anyway, I seriously doubt the artists who drew those beautiful paintings were beheaded or drawn and quartered (or whatever tortures are reserved for those who commit such a sin) but what do I know, maybe they were.

By the by, I do realise that I’m late posting the second part of the previously promised “Seducing the Hypocrite” but I’ve run into some unexpected obstacles. Things aren’t going exactly as planned but don’t worry, it just means there will more interesting exploits to read about in the second part. 😉


12 comments so far

  1. jinni on

    The delay is understandable, no one blames you for enjoying the haabee sex.

  2. Shihana on

    ‘haabee sex’ is that good? I’ll take your word for it since you seem to know all about it. I do like expert advice.

  3. jinni on

    Speculating here. You tried something new, I assumed you liked it. A reasonable assumption I think.

  4. Shihana on

    Except that I never said or implied that I had ‘tried’ it yet. Don’t jump the gun. It’s not a reasonable assumption, it’s called jumping to conlusions. When I’ve ‘tried’ something, you won’t have to speculate about it at all. I’ll be very clear.

  5. jinni on

    “That’s when I ASKED FOR A MEETING. A private one at my place so that we could “more openly discuss and debate the religious issues …. . ……. …… ….. As I expected, he agreed. Very, very quickly.

    If by the END OF TOMORROW NIGHT he can keep his hands off me and his cock inside his pyjamas, he’s either gay or an eunuch. Now where is my black, lace panties and mini-skirt?

    “Oh and if you are reading this YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN STORE FOR YOU TOMORROW NIGHT. I know you read blogs on MvBlogs religiously, SO COME PREPARED” – Shihana on Seducing The Hypocrite.

    I capitalized the parts I wanted to emphasize.

    I say again, it was a reasonable assumption. Good day! 🙂

  6. bandey on

    who knows jinni here could be one of the habees 4 jealous wives 😛

  7. Shadow Runner on

    uhhhhh… hey fellas. Whas happenin’ ohhh man… gotta lay off the black opium and stayin’ up 25 hours and coding shit…….. urrrrrghhhhh…

  8. Shadow Runner on

    Its been a WEEK since I drew them thingies… maan… I haven’t burst into flame, eh chums?…… urghhhhh….. na naa naah. dont mind me, boys and girls…. I’m just…. eehhhhh…… mildly OD’d on the glucose….

  9. jinni on

    @ Bandey, I’m not jealous, I am not a haabee, nor a wife and I have nothing against the author. I am actually quite looking forward to reading part 2 of Seducing The Hypocrite.

  10. Shadow Runner on

    ….. This is VARIABLE. Come in SCALPEL. Report status of infiltration, over…..

  11. DarkCasanova on

    agree with jinni about reading the second part.. shoulda be intreting

  12. Isa on

    So when is the second part of Seducing the Hypocrite coming? I hope you did not fail in seducing him, was and is looking forward to reading about it.

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