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Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

Two people walk into a bar. Just for the sake of it, let’s suppose they are twins. One of them is a stunningly gorgeous woman wearing an outfit several sizes too small for her. The top is so tight her huge tits are in danger of bursting out and poking someone’s eye out. Her micro-mini skirt is so short it’s practically just a belt above her thong. She’s wearing high heels, lots of make-up and… well, you get the idea, just fill in the blanks. The ‘twin’ accompanying the hot slut into the bar is wearing the entire collection of Haabee ninja apparel, complete with black gloves, hood and (presumably) various sharp pointy implements hidden in the folds of the black cloth.

So what happens next?

As the two make their way through the bar, appreciative and admiring glances and catcalls are aimed at the slut, while calls of “HAIYAAA!!!” and other forms of ridicule and mockery are aimed towards the Haabee ninja. After having a drink or two (alcoholic for the slut and non-alcoholic for the ninja) they turn to leave but the clientele of the bar had already gravitated towards the hot slut and before the night is over she is repeatedly groped, poked and ravished.

Meanwhile, in the privacy of his own black tent, Sheikh Fareed was busily jerking off to the live show and capturing it all on digital video for further analysis.


Many Delays

This is for those of you who’ve wondered why I haven’t uploaded the sequel to “Seducing the Hypocrite”. Rest assured the ‘experiment’ was completed successfully and the disgustingly pathetic excuse for a human being was as big a frikking hypocrite as I had expected. A real sick piece of work, I’ll tell you that. Married too, which shouldn’t fucking surprise anyone, I expect.

The real reason I haven’t uploaded the sequel, just in case anyone is interested or curious, is because my life has been going through some major changes again and I’m back in Australia now. Really wasn’t expecting this but it’s a nice surprise and something I’m really delighted with. I expect to be here for another two years, possibly three, before going back to Male’. For good this time, I hope (fingers crossed). Of course I’ll make some short visits to Male’ but currently, money is tight so I’m supposed to “economize and organize”. Ugh!

This has of course been total disaster for my social life and I’m still trying to pick up pieces (sorry R, I know this is tough on you but you know how it was) left over from Maldives. Not easy. Moving really is a bitch.

So despite the expectations of some, no, I haven’t fallen for ‘Haabee charms’ and converted to a life as a non-entity, wrapped up and hidden under a mobile, black tepee aaaAND… I didn’t sleep with, have sex, kiss, hug, blow or grope the beardie who was the target of the “Seducing the Hypocrite” experiment. Although he did TRY to grope me, and more, several times, unsuccessfully I must add, during the whole ‘seduction’ thingy. But that’s a story worth telling from the beginning and in its entirety and I will do that once I’ve managed to get things a bit settled down here. Hopefully, within the next few weeks. Now off for some apartment/house hunting with Mom.